I have come to realize that, while I look at a lot of design work, I don’t have any favorite designer or artist. I believe this is because when I look at design work, I look at the piece and don’t always think about the person behind it. I may think, “Wow this person/group is awesome,” but that’s about it. So I have decided to really look for design/art work that I like, and find out who is behind it. I may not have a favorite designer/artist, but at least when someone asks me I will be able to name some people I really like.

So for my first post, I have found the design group filthymedia. Filthymedia is a graphic design studio based in North Laine of Brighton. Their work includes graphic design, branding, illustration, photography, typography, and art direction. There are several pieces in their portfolio I absolutely love. They did promotional art for Life Nightclub which used minimal color, sans-serif typefaces, and strong yet simplistic vector imagery. The promotional series as a whole works well together, and the color choices were wonderful. I really liked how clean and simplistic this series was. The front of the promos had a lot of white space and the focus was on the artwork and the club. The back had a lot of well organized information, and the bold colors were very eye-catching. Another piece I liked was the liquid violet identity and stationary design. I thought the logo really reflected the feel of the brand and the use of color was spot on. The gradient used made the ink look pearlescent, which was very cool and something I haven’t seen before. I also think the thin line around the logo adds a nice touch and defines it more. Their album and CD design for the “Way of the Warrior” by Shogun Audio was also phenomenal. The textures, artwork, and typefaces worked well together and reflected the feel of the albums.

Filthymedia has other work that I really like, such as their own corporate identity and promotional materials and their typeface Filthy Black Italic. In general, I like all of the work I have seen in their portfolio. Their designs are clean, sophisticated, and always reflect the mood of the project. It is easy to get a feel for their clients and that is always a good skill to have. I respect the work they create and I love their style.

To view filthymedia’s work yourself, visit their site:

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